Cliff to leave Idols

Cliff to leave Idols

DJ Gareth Cliff

After 11 seasons, the radio and TV personality is calling it quits.

The music has come to an end for Gareth Cliff who has announced he is leaving Idols SA at the end of the current season.

The finale is on November 27 and it will also be the radio DJ’s last time in the judge’s chair.

On Monday, Gareth posted on Facebook: “It’s time! After eleven seasons of Idols, it’s time for me to say goodbye.”

Last week he travelled with the Idols finalists to America and he says it was the best way to end his Idols career: “What better way to bring this chapter to a close than a trip to New York and meeting American Idols judge Harry Connick Jr and being on his post-Idols show – “Harry”. What’s next? Watch this space #Cliffhanger.”

Cliff had it tough when he got involved in a social media war when ex-real estate agent Penny Sparrow compared black people to monkeys in January.

His tweet, “People really don’t understand free speech at all”, was taken to mean he agreed with Sparrow, which he refuted.

M-Net bosses decided to end his contract on Idols but Cliff challenged his dismissal in court and was reappointed.

Fans had mixed feelings following his announcement on Facebook yesterday.

Yolanda Ndzululeka posted: “Oh no. We are so gonna miss you. You keep disappearing. First you left me hanging on five fm now it’s idols.”

But Laritow Lara will obviously not miss him, writing: “#GoWellGoSheLL..wit yo racism-sarcasm..yeh * mite as wel join other jerks trump-Playboyhouse”

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