City’s traffic plan



September 29, 2016
City’s traffic plan

SOLUTIONS: City wants to ease traffic by embracing work-from-home strategies

City proposes a new working hours management system and encourages mense to carpool.

The City of Cape Town is taking steps to reduce peak-hour congestion on the roads.

The City Council is proposing flexi-time, compressed work weeks, staggered shifts and remote working for employees, as ways to reduce congestion on the roads, reports Cape Argus.

And it’s prepared to take the lead by introducing core working hours of 10am to 2pm for its more than 25 000 staff.

It also wants mense to start using more public transport, and make use of carpooling.

The proposals are contained in a draft traffic demand management strategy published for public input until October 28.

According to the report, the historic and inflexible working practices adopted by companies that require employees to start and finish work between 8am and 5pm had contributed to the natural travel peak periods in the city.

Cape Town had also not embraced global working practices such as working from home, shared workspaces and satellite offices to reduce traffic congestion.

Over the past two years, the morning peak hours on the city’s roads have increased from two hours to four hours — from 7am to 9am to 6am to 10am.

A compressed work week, remote working or telecommuting would allow employees to work full-time hours in less days, meaning less travelling.

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