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November 21, 2016
Ciao, Toetie

UNDER FIRE: Allister Coetzee

Saru to review SA coach Coetzee

Saru took the blame for the Springboks’ shocking 20-18 loss to Italy and will review coach Allister Coetzee at the end of the European tour.

Saru president Mark Alexander apologised to rugby fans and the nation as South Africa lost to the minnows for the first time.

The defeat in Florence was the Boks’ seventh defeat in 11 games under Coetzee and while Saru haven’t asked for his resignation, Toetie and the Bok management can’t be protected any longer.

Alexander says: “The whole of South African rugby is extremely disappointed with this year’s Springbok results and deeply worrying aspects of the performances.

“It has not been good enough and no one is pretending otherwise.

“We have a minimum target of winning three out of [every] four Test matches each season – which is better than the historical record – but we have not come close this season.

“It would be easy to lay the blame for that at one door or another and look for scapegoats but it would also be an over-simplification. All of us within South African rugby need to look at ourselves and ask what we could have done differently in aid of the Springbok cause.

“Those questions will be asked at the end of the season when we will undertake a full review of the year and what new interventions may be needed to turn things around.”

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