Christmas snackers

Christmas snackers

QUICK AND EASY: Splurge on meats, crackers and tasty stuff

Entertain holiday guests with lekker light nibbles.

TIS the season to be jolly, falalalala-lalalala. Tis also the season your family comes to eat and party, and you will need snacks to go with the get-togethers happening almost daily.

Let there be food, they say. The planner of these spur of the moment parties is always the one who arrives with her empty 5L ice-cream bak in a Shoprite sakkie.

Yes, we all have that one Aunty, ne?

One will not always feel like braai or potjie, or cooking large pots of food.

I mean, we’re mos all on holidays!

So for delicious and entertaining light meals, we try to keep it as simple as possible.

Garnish will be the cheapest thing on your list, but it’s the season for splurging so go for those smoked mussels, salmon and oysters and flavoured Salticrax, we won’t judge.

To jazz things up, get the pre-mixed, multi-coloured lettuce packs instead of the whole heads that are one colour.

Add sliced Avos, pineapple, and cute little cherry tomatoes, instead of wedging your tomatoes as usual.

Tiny frikadelle, chicken strips with dip, special tuna salad with tangy mayo, cucumbers and red onion should be a staple, even if just for the two weeks over Christmas and New Year.

We love entertaining, ons kan maar hoe kla, but there is always a competition to see who does it better. In my family, its presentation that counts.

Don’t let Aunty Kia find fault with that platter, she will never let you forget it.

Above all, the dip has got to be on point. And we are forever tricking one friend, who says she does not eat mayo, into thinking she is eating cream cheese or miracle whip, sorry bra, it’s still mayo!

Have fun with your creations and they will always taste fantastic. Try new things and above all, enjoy!

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