Chelsea’s slackers give me the Blues​



September 20, 2016
Chelsea’s slackers give me the Blues​

EMBARRASSING: Chelsea made Liverpool look good

The men in blue seem to need at least 45 minutes to 'warm up' to the game.

I’ll take it flat on the chin. No, not your baggy nuts… Liverpool’s result at the Bridge on 
Friday night.

Could have been a draw, but the Scousers killed us in the first half, made us look pathetic and for that, deserved the victory.

Worryingly though, Jurgen Klopp’s boys seem unable to sustain fitness/intensity 
levels for the full 90 minutes.

Chelsea came out after the first 45 pressing higher, passing quicker and had Liverpool on the run for large periods of the half.

It’s been an ongoing problem at Chelsea for many years.

A distinct lack of appetite until the last third or two thirds of the game.

Despite coach Antonio Conte demanding a more aggressive approach — and extra training sessions — the players looked half asleep, casually playing the ball around, allowing Liverpool to string passes together and take total control.

Is this a ploy?

You have to ask, because the last 20 minutes of any game the Blues turn up the energy while opponents run theirs down.

Either way, it was an embarrassment. Thankfully saved by the heart shown to get back into the game.

The inevitable question was asked: would John Terry have allowed such disorganisation, especially for the first goal?

I’m of the opinion that given the runaround Chelsea got, goals would have been conceded anyway.

As you all know, I’m old school, but I tell you what, I was more than pleased after a hard week’s graft to get home and have such a big one on!

Of course the flipside was feeling abused and depressed when I woke up on Saturday morning… yep, my whole weekend s*** on by a terrible result.

Anyway, good luck to Liverpool, they looked brilliant because of our inability on the night to break them down.

Against a better prepared Chelsea — like in the second half — they wouldn’t have looked special.

So keep your frilly red knickers on cos we still ain’t seeing anything exceptional.

Anyway, my depression was lifted on Sunday, my spirits given a boost, I felt alive again.

No, I didn’t go to church, I watched Manchester United come unstuck for the third time in a week.

What the hell was that?

Last week when I spoke about the disappearance of Zlatan and the Pog, you all thought I’d lost the plot.

No my friends, it’s a reality right now and disturbingly, especially for Pogba, the stats are painting a truly awful picture.

Against Watford he lost possession 19 times, more than any other United player, did not have a shot on target, and registered the lowest passing accuracy of any outfield player for the visitors (74.6%).

I’m not suggesting that he’s rubbish, on the contrary, I love him as a footballer, but something just ain’t right.

Could this be an early indication that Mr Mourinho has stepped on some big feet?

On the other side of Manchester, Pep’s machine is purring along a bit too comfortably.

Damn, has he just slipped into English football without an adjustment period?

Arsenal fans will be jumping over into Wenger’s garden for a while as they knocked out three on the trot and Spurs will be thankful that Sunderland just couldn’t hold on for a point.

And what about Everton? Man, under Ronald Koeman they’re proving to be a different proposition, renewed energy, good looking football.

Couple of tasty ones to look forward to this weekend.

On Saturday, United face champions Leicester at Old Trafford — lunchtime kick off — and the 
evening game sees Chelsea at the Emirates.

It’s tough out there ladies and gents!

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