‘Cheeky’ robber bums cops



November 23, 2016
‘Cheeky’ robber bums cops

EVIDENCE: Bum print

Burglar left a butt print at the crime scene.

Australian detectives have been left with a cheeky clue at a crime scene.

Cops were bummed to discover that a large print on a glass door at the robbery scene came from someone’s bare buttocks.

Police in Victoria state believe the “bum bandit” was with two others when they did the “full moon” during a break-in at a community centre in the city of Wodonga over the weekend.

“I’ve never seen anyone’s bum print turn up at a crime scene,” Detective Sergeant Graeme Simpfendorfer said.

“The crime scene officer who was dusting for prints… with every stroke, he was thinking, ‘what have we got here?’

“He came and told us and just said, ‘I’ve got a butt print. It’s certainly not just from a pair of jeans or tracksuit pants. This guy’s pants down.’”

Simpfendorfer said the trio, believed to be in their late teens or early 20s, stole a television and sprayed a fire extinguisher around the centre.

He added that while the bum print would not help investigators crack the case, there were other forensic clues to help get to the bottom of what went on.

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