Celebs’ Halloween fun

Celebs’ Halloween fun

LAGBOL: 'Bill and Hillary Clinton'

Perry and Bloom show the lighter side of politics at Kate Hudson's annual bash.

Hollywood celebs love going overboard for Halloween.

Katy Perry and her berk Orlando Bloom stole the show with their impressive Hillary and Bill Clinton charade at actress Kate Hudson’s Halloween bash on Friday night.

The couple’s make-up was so elaborate that mense didn’t even know who they were under the disguises.

There was even more confusion when it turned out former US president Bill wasn’t Orlando.

The British actor later appeared as Donald Trump, wearing a hilarious orange wig and mask, with a hat reading “Make America Great Again” and enormous feet.

The party was attended by the likes of Jessica Alba, Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks, Kendall Jenner to name just a few.

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