Celebrating Taliep Petersen



September 15, 2016
Celebrating Taliep Petersen

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON: Taliep's only son Ashur Petersen

Stars to stage 10th anniversary concert.

Rehearsals are under way for the “biggest tribute show” ever held for slain music legend Taliep Petersen.

The Taliep Petersen: 10th Anniversary Tribute is happening at the Grand Arena, GrandWest on Saturday, 29 October.

The renowned entertainer was shot and killed at his home in Grasmere Street, Athlone, on December 16, 2006.

His wife Najwa Dirk has been sentenced to 28 years in jail for organising the hit on his life.

Taliep’s only son Ashur Petersen, and former protege Emo Adams are the organisers.

Ashur, 24, confirms they are both performing, but for now they are keeping the rest of the “stellar” line-up a secret.

Ashur says: “I think all the people in the show have been influenced or inspired by my dad over the years.”

He adds: “The last show I did was Like Father, Like Son and that was in honour of my dad’s birthday (three years ago).”

On Tuesday, Emo posted a picture of the show poster on his Faceboook page, saying: Cried This Morning, Can You Believe It’s Been 10 Years.”

It’s that kind of emotion that is driving Ashur.

“I’m not worried about things like whether the venue will be sold out. It’s all about doing a proper tribute,” he says.

He won’t say much about the show, but did reveal a few tantalising details about what to expect.

“Outside there is going to be like a museum display, with all of his awards, memoirs and music sheets, and the posters of his shows as well,” says Ashur.

It will be a red carpet event and the audience will be able to rub shoulders with the stars who are going to be on stage.

Another special moment he is planning is to get his entire family, including his mom Madeegha Anders, onto the stage to do a musical tribute for Taliep.

“The whole family is performing,” says Ashur.

Tickets for the show are on sale and available at Computicket for R150 to R350.

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