Capes still in custody



October 31, 2016
Capes still in custody

ACCUSED: Godwin Capes

The man accused of planning an assault on his pregnant girlfriend will remain behind bars, pending further investigation.

A man accused of kidnapping and assaulting his unborn baby’s mother will remain behind bars for another month while cops gather cellphone evidence.

Godwin Capes, 24, made a brief appearance at the Worcester Magistrates’ Court on Friday where he appeared on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder.

He is accused of snatching Kayla Visser in August when she was four-months pregnant with his child. It is alleged that Capes wanted Kayla to have an abortion but she refused.

She was then allegedly taken to a deserted spot outside Worcester where she was choked by two men who gagged her and shoved her in the boot of the car.

The unconscious Kayla was then driven to another place outside Robertson where they continued to assault her. The attackers left after she pretended to be dead.

The badly injured Kayla managed to crawl to a farm for help.

Meanwhile, Capes allegedly drove his car into a wall just outside Worcester, telling mense he’d been hijacked.

The case was postponed to November 28 for further investigation and cellphone evidence to be gathered while Capes is remanded in custody.

Police sources say Cape’s cell records, as well as that of another male who was taken in for questioning and released, are being scrutinised.

The 24-year-old’s two alleged accomplices are still at large.

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