Cape actress gets Trumped

Cape actress gets Trumped

INSULTED: Local actress Lesley - Ann Brandt

SA star in USA is told to f*** off

Donald Trump supporters have shown their true colours, telling SA actress Lesley-Ann Brandt exactly how they feel about coloured immigrants.

The 34-year-old beauty, a star in US hit show Lucifer, was the victim of racist abuse just hours after America named its 45th president last week.

The star, who plays Mazikeen in the hit show, tweeted this week: “Woke up to ‘f*** you nigger. Pack your bags and get the f*** out. Bye immigrant.’ Trump 2016 indeed. Heart feeling really heavy today.”

But Lesley-Ann has insisted she won’t be chased away from her home in California, which she shares with American actor hubby Chris Payne Gilbert.

She had tweeted: “I am a minority. I am a woman. I am an immigrant. What does this mean for me now?”

Astrid Nillson responded: “If you’re not American, kindly shut the hell up about our political situation. Or go home. Seriously.”

But Lesley-Ann is adamant she will remain in the US. “This little South African aint (sic) going nowhere,” she tweeted.

“Let’s not bully. Let’s raise our kids smarter, be better humans and speak up for those who can’t or are too scared to.”

The star made headlines in the Daily Voice three months ago, when she generously donated R10 000 to Athlone soccer kid, Ashton van der Vent, to help him travel to the UK for a football exchange programme.

At the time, she said: “I know all too well what it’s like to be from Athlone in Cape Town and to have a dream. Fortunately for me, my parents were able to provide me with the kind of opportunities I needed to get me started.

“Ashton reminds me that when we can, it is important to help those who have worked so hard but who just need a little kindness from strangers.”

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