Bust for kaal selfie



September 29, 2016
Bust for kaal selfie

PIEMPED: Kaalgat poser

A man will see his gat in court after allegedly sending a woman pics of his penis.

A divorced Durban dad of one has landed in court after allegedly sending kaal selfies to a young woman on WhatsApp.

Ashley Jagdeo, 31, of Verulam, appeared in the Durban Magistrates’ Court last week and was granted bail of R1 000.

The naughty photos allegedly show his penis and stomach, but not his face, reports The Post.

The State alleges that Jagdeo, who is facing charges of sexual exposure and crimen injuria, also bombarded the complainant (in her early twenties) with vulgar WhatsApp messages.

He allegedly asked the woman if she’d seen the pics. Her response was to open a case with police.

The disgusted woman told cops her only dealings with Jagdeo had been as a customer at a business where he used to work.

Jagdeo has not pleaded as yet.

Lawmakers are seeking to amend the Films and Publications Act by closing the gaps concerning content on social media platforms.

A fine of R150 000 (or two years’ imprisonment) has been proposed.

It will be regarded as unlawful to post private photos or videos without the consent of the individuals depicted.

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