Busker’s plea for help



November 1, 2016
Busker’s plea for help

DEVASTATION: Holland's Ocean View home gutted. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Train singer left destitute after household fire.

Ocean View busker Morné Holland is devastated after his home was gutted by a fire.

The 28-year-old singer, his wife and their three kids lost everything they own in the blaze which started on Thursday evening just after 7pm.

Morné and his family, who are living in his parents’ home, believes the fire was sparked by an electrical fault.

“Luckily none of the kids were injured and we were sitting outside in the yard so there was no one in the room,” he explains.

“We heard the sound and when we jumped up to go see there was nothing we could do.”

The singer is now camped out in the lounge with his kids, while his wife is staying with her sister who lives nearby.

“This was a mattress that a community member gave us, because we lost everything,” he says, pointing to the makeshift bed on the floor.

“(My kids) only have the shoes that they were wearing that day, we were lucky to get school clothes for them now.”

Morné and his best friend Elton November shot to fame in February after a video of them busking at a train station went viral on social media.

But he says their instant fame did not come with fortune.

“We had a place at the back (yard) but the roof blew off (during winter) and so we moved into this room,” he says.

Morné has appealed to the public for help.

“We need building materials as well as clothes, so if anyone can help, they can contact me on Facebook,” he says humbly.

He says they have a show in Hermanus on November 26 and plan to go ahead with it.

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