‘Bus driver nearly killed us’



November 19, 2016
‘Bus driver nearly killed us’

Yusuf Isaacs shows the damage to his taxi. CREDIT: Ayanda Ndamane

Man says a Golden Arrow employee intentionally rammed his fully loaded taxi.

A taxi driver says he and his passengers were “nearly killed” when a Golden Arrow bus driver allegedly knocked into them “three times on purpose”.

The 31-year-old taxi driver says the third bump sent his van over the island in Main Road, Wynberg, yesterday morning.

Wynberg/Cape Town taxi driver, Yusuf Isaacs from Ottery, says he had 10 passengers in his van just before 9am when the “speeding” bus driver nearly hit the taxi the first time.

“As I was driving along, people started getting off, and I saw him on the road.

“I stopped at a robot next to the driver, I got out to speak to him about his driving.

“He sped off and drove aspris into my taxi, hitting it in the left front. He drove off and jumped a red robot.”

An angry Isaacs says he followed the bus to get the driver’s details.

“He was in the fast lane, and as I came up alongside him, he swerved into me and knocked my taxi onto the island,” the outraged man says.

“He just sped off. Daai man is mal.

My passengers were in shock, but we took his registration number.

“He must pay for the damages he purposefully caused,” says Isaacs.

He went to Wynberg police station immediately to lay a charge.

Spokesperson for Golden Arrow Bus Services Bronwen Dyke-Beyer says the matter is under investigation.

“The driver will be formally interviewed today and I will then be able to establish what exactly happened,” she tells Daily Voice.

Captain FC van Wyk confirms: “An accident report was opened and the investigation is ongoing.”

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