Burning car chaos on N2



September 20, 2016
Burning car chaos on N2

HIGHWAY HELL: Burning caused a major traffic jam on the N2 yesterday morning

Authorities believe an electrical fault caused the fire.

A car went up in flames on the N2 highway during rush hour yesterday morning.

Motorists got a moerse skrik when the unidentified car caught fire at about 6.40am.

It was soon engulfed in flames, but the driver and passengers managed to escape.

According to authorities, no injuries or fatalities were reported.

The incident took place just before the Mowbray Main Road exit, and caused a huge traffic jam that lasted until 10am.

Authorities say traffic on the N2 was backed up all the way to 
Eerste River and Khayelitsha.

City of Cape Town’s Traffic spokesperson, Maxine Jordaan, says rescue teams rushed to the scene.

“It would appear that there was an electrical fault on the car which caused the fire. We could not see the make nor model of the vehicle as the car was completely engulfed in flames and there was almost nothing left afterwards,” says Jordaan.

“Fire & Rescue and Traffic Services arrived and within 40 minutes the scene was cleared. Just one lane was being used during the incident. There were no fatalities and no injuries reported

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