‘Bully pupils cut me’



May 5, 2016
‘Bully pupils cut me’

Ikeraam Amani, 8, was thrown with a pair of scissors in class. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

An eight-year-old boy who was thrown with a pair of scissors that punctured his kidney nearly died from the alleged bullying attack at school.

Ikeraam Amani underwent major surgery after the incident at a Hanover Park primary school two weeks ago.

The boy was only discharged from the Red Cross Children’s Hospital yesterday.

His mother says the surgery was to stop internal bleeding and drain the poisonous gas that bloated his stomach.

Mom Aashieya Amani, 31, says hours after the attack at Voorspoed Primary School, her son got violently ill at home.

The mom says: “He could not eat and was vomiting up everything including the Panado syrup the first aider at the school had recommended.”

She only knew about the attack once she fetched him at school.

“The school made as if it was nothing and then my child nearly died. I want answers. Tomorrow that child can kill someone, then it’s also nothing,” she says angrily.

The traumatised boy says: “He is always bullying me. I tell my teacher and she said I should stop being a baby.”

Aashieya says the teacher tried to brush the incident aside.

“She told Ikeraam to stop acting like he is in pain and walk. I picked him up and carried him.”

She added: “I am taking him out of the school and putting him where he can be safe.”

Jessica Shelver from the Western Cape Education Department says they were not aware of the incident but would investigate.

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