Bully patrol



May 25, 2016
Bully patrol

HEAVY DUTY: Armed security guards take 15-year-old boy to class in Durban North.

Dad enlists armed guards to protect his son at school.

In an extraordinary move, a Durban dad has hired armed bodyguards to protect his 15-year-old son from bullies at school.

The father cannot be named to protect his son’s identity.

The boy is in Grade 10 at Phoenix Secondary School in North Durban and the Daily News reports the guards protect him before and after school.

The dad says he took the drastic step after teachers did nothing to stop the bullying.

The teen was apparently intimidated in the classroom last week after standing up to the bullies.

“After school, a group of 15 boys were standing outside the school gates. They saw my son on his way out of the premises and charged at him with knives,” says the parent.

He’s been to see the school principal and opened a case at the police station:

He says: “The bullies were still not suspended. The issue was still not resolved. No meeting was set up with the boys’ parents. After a few days I went to the police to open a case, but instead I was told to write an affidavit which I can use to get my son transferred to another school.”

But his son is writing exams and needs to go to school and so the dad is paying R900 a day for two guards to keep his boy safe.

The father says: “Once the term is complete I hope to transfer him to another school. The principal has a list of bullies. However, what happens outside of the school gates is not his concern.”

The KZN Education Department and the school’s principal did not respond to Daily News’ request for comment.

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