Bully might stab my boy



October 28, 2016
Bully might stab my boy

STRESSED: Mother of Strandfontein learner

Grade 2 kid’s mother fears for his safety.

The mom of an eight-year old boy is living in fear that her son will be “badly hurt” by an alleged 11-year old bully in his class.

The boy told his mom the bigger kid is the leader of the “Michael gang” who have terrorised him into joining the gang.

The Grade 2 pupil decided to speak out after the “bully” allegedly came to school with a “30 centimetre long” knife last week.

The woman spoke to the principal of Strandfontein Primary School, but says her pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

The concerned mom, who asked not to be identified in order to protect her young son, says her child is traumatised.

“The teacher called me to tell me about the knife that was found on this boy and I was outraged,” she says.

“This boy, the bully, has forced my son to join his gang. When the boy was questioned about the knife, he said he wanted to rob high school learners!

“This has caused great concern for our family. My son doesn’t talk about it, I think he’s scared and lately he’s been demanding money for school and gets upset when he doesn’t get any.

“I’ve put two and two together and I think he has to pay this boy, because I think he’s scared of the consequences and that to me is scary.”

The mom adds: “Strandfontein Primary is a good school, but something has to be done about this learner. I fear for the day I get a call from the school saying my boy has been badly hurt.

“I spoke to the principal, he said the matter will be taken care of but nothing has been done.

“I just want to prevent any child getting hurt.”

The Daily Voice visited the school on Wednesday to speak to the principal but was told he was not available.

Jessica Shelver, spokesperson for Education MEC, Debbie Schaffer, says the department will be investigating the matter.

“The department was not aware of the alleged incident but we will now investigate the matter,” Shelver said.

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