‘Bully’ is a star pupil



October 5, 2016
‘Bully’ is a star pupil

COMPARE: Megan back to back with Clyde, 19

Big Bridgetown teenager who was turned away for his size has excelled at his school.

A Cape Flats matriculant who was turned away from school four years ago because teachers feared he would become a bully has proven them all wrong.

Clyde Gray, 19, hasn’t had “one bad report” since he was eventually accepted at Bridgetown High School in 2012.

In January that year, the Bridgetown teen missed his first day of high school after a member of the teaching staff said they could not accept him because of his height, fearing he might use his size to bully smaller kids.

At the time, a discouraged Clyde and his family told Daily Voice they are worried he would not be accepted at any other school for the same reason.

But Bridgetown High later had a change of heart, and he was accepted and four years later, Clyde is still standing tall at 1.8 metres, and is doing well.

“When I started at the school I became known as the big boy who was in the newspaper because of my height,” he tells the Daily Voice.

“But it all went well and everyone, including the teachers, respected me. My teachers call me Mr Gray,” he laughs.

“I was never in the bad books and I was even a prefect in Grade 11. The same teacher who said I’d become a bully is the best teacher right now.

“She even tells the other learners that they must be more like me.”

His mom Ruby says: “I am very proud of him. I never got any complaints from any of his teachers, just good reports.”

Clyde’s aunt, Pearl Assure, says she’s glad they didn’t take note of one teacher’s negativity. “He wouldn’t be in matric right now (if we had).”

Clyde is now preparing for his matric ball which will be taking place on Friday.

And he hopes to study towards a degree in teaching next year.

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