Brink and wife’s joy at one month

Brink and wife’s joy at one month

NEWLY WEDS: Clint and Steffi

Clint sings Steffi's praises on Instagram to celebrate their one month anniversary.

Time flies when you’re in love and that’s exactly what’s happened for Clint Brink and his new wife, Namibian model Steffi van Wyk.

The couple celebrated their one-month anniversary on Tuesday and Clint posted on Instagram: “And just like that. It’s been a month of marriage already. I can not thank GOD enough for blessing me with a love like ours.”

Mr and Mrs Brink were cagey about their relationship while they were going out, but they’ve been regularly posting wedding pics on social media to mark their milestone as a married couple, and oulike pictures of them having fun.

If they’re not in the car laughing, then they’re out playing basketball or driving bumper cars and having loads of laughs.

Steffi, a former Miss Namibia, has also been keeping people updated on her fitness regime, and she’s hit the track once again and started running.

On her one-month anniversary, she says on social media: “Today exactly a month ago, we decided that forever is insignificant without one another… We believed in a happily ever after, and went for it. Today a month ago, home for me became a person! Thank God for blessing us like this!”

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