Breaking silence against violence



October 31, 2016
Breaking silence against violence


Students march and plant a memory tree after fellow pupil is brutally murdered.

Hundreds of school kids took to the streets to break the silence around domestic violence after one of their fellow pupils was brutally beaten to death with a hammer last week.

The question of how nobody “heard anything strange” when six-year-old Cecil “Tino” September and his mom Christa September, 28, were killed, was one of the key points raised at a special tree planting ceremony at Kosie De Wet Primary in Villiersdorp on Friday.

Relatives and teachers all wore T-shirts bearing a photo of Christa and Tino on the front and the message “Breek die stilte! Vir my en Mamma was dit te laat” printed on the back.

The school, joined by parents, police and the NGO Badisa, then marched through the streets, beating blikkies, asking residents to speak out about abuse.

“With each footstep we want to prevent that what happened to Cecil and his mother will happen to another child,” said the principal Christopher

Teacher Sophia Hendriks can’t believe neighbours didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary on the night of the murders, during which Christa’s boyfriend, Patrick Naphai, also committed suicide.

Little Crystal September, 3, sustained head injuries and is still in a coma, while Arisha, 4, escaped unharmed by hiding behind a curtain.

Christa and Tino were laid to rest in Worcester yesterday.

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