Brazen skelms caught on camera



November 1, 2016
Brazen skelms caught on camera

BRAZEN: One of the suspects captured on CCTV screen

Armed robbers are filmed during 'R70k' wholesale heist.

Police are looking for these brazen skelms who were caught on camera, casually robbing a Cape Flats wholesaler.

The store in Frank Louw Avenue, about 100 metres away from the Bellville South Police station, was robbed of about R70 000 worth of cash and goods by three armed men last Thursday.

Zuraid Cash n Carry has served the community of Bellville South for more than five years and, according to one of the managers, Saaed Hussain, 21, they’ve never been robbed.

CCTV footage from the Pakistani-owned store shows three armed men entering the store, holding up five staff members at gunpoint and customers.

Among the customers are women and children who are chased to the back of the store.

Unsuspecting customers walking in were also quickly herded to the back at gunpoint by a robber dressed in yellow shorts and blue T-shirt.

According to Hussain, the robbers cleared their four tills, taking R45 000 in cash.

The diewe also helped themselves to R25 000 worth of cigarettes and airtime.

Three cellphones were stolen — a Nokia Asha, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy J1.

The entire robbery lasted about seven minutes.

The second robber, dressed in a blue hat with an orange stripe, orange T-shirt and dark coloured pants, quickly empties the tills.

A third suspect, in blue overalls, brings the stolen goods from the storeroom and takes it to the getaway car.

Hussain says he thought he was going to die.

“It was so horrible. We were afraid for our lives, but they never fired at us or shot anyone,” he says.

“We managed to push the panic button immediately, but cops and ADT only arrived after 10 minutes and by then it was too late.

“These guys came and knew exactly what they wanted and took it without fuss. The police are just down the road, they could have come sooner. I am afraid for my life now.”

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirms a case of business robbery is being investigated.

“The incident occurred on 27 October at about 12.57pm at a cash and carry in Frank Louw Street, Bellville South, where an undisclosed amount of cash, cigarettes, airtime vouchers and cellular telephones were taken by three unidentified males from the complainant,” he says.

“The investigation continues.”

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