Brad Pitt’s ‘suicide’ is just a hoax’

Brad Pitt’s ‘suicide’ is just a hoax’

ALIVE: Brad Pitt, 52

Hollywood stars death prank could 'kill your phone'

Brad Pitt is alive and well but a Facebook hoax announcing his tragic death could actually damage your phone.

The message which went viral yesterday contains Malware and if mense click on it, a virus is downloaded onto their phone or computer.

The hoax articles use a Fox News image, announcing: “‘R.I.P Brad Pitt”, claiming the Oceans 12 actor committed suicide after his split with Angelina Jolie.

While Brad is alive, the hoax has an old 1990s picture of him with long hair, a sure sign that you’re going to be hacked.

Facebook has warned mense to immediately change their password if they did click on the link.

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