Boys ‘forced to rape each other’



November 23, 2016
Boys ‘forced to rape each other’

ABUSED: Eight boys were lured into the bushes

A group of boys were allegedly lured into a bush then forced to do drugs and sexual acts.

Four young boys have opened a case of sexual assault with police, claiming they were forced to smoke dagga and perform sexual acts on each other by a group of older boys.

The children, aged 10 to 13, say they were beaten with pipes, and that their attackers made a video of the incident.

They said a group of 15 older boys, aged 15 and 16, lured them into bushes where they were forced to “smoke zol” and perform oral sex on each other.

Last week four of the eight victims told their parents.

Documents show on Monday they were taken to Site C Police Station to lay charges before being taken to Khayelitsha hospital for an examination.

A 10-year-old victim explains: “We were playing a game at a house in Taiwan when the older boys approached us and told us to go with them to N2 and Mew Way where there are bushes.

“When they got there, they rolled a zol of dagga and forced us to smoke it.

“After that they were beating us with hosepipes while we were told to stand in the centre after they made a circle around us.”’

The child says they were told to drop their pants, and “perform a blowjob” on one of their friends.

“One of us was told to kiss the one boy’s (his friend’s) bum where there was white stuff (sperm).’’

The boy’s 36-year-old mother says police have made no contact with the family yet.

Lieutenant Colonel André Traut says they have no record of the matter.

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