Boy, 8, injured by gunman



October 26, 2016
Boy, 8, injured by gunman

SHOT: Triston Krige, 8

Playing in the park landed a little boy in hospital after he was struck by bullet shrapnel.

This eight-year-old boy became the third victim of gang violence in his family in just one week.

Triston Krige was playing on a field outside his home when a gunman opened fire in Daisy Road, Uitsig, on Monday afternoon.

According to eyewitnesses, the youngster was standing close to the gunman and he was hit by several pieces of bullet shrapnel.

It’s believed the gunman was armed with a shotgun.

A second victim, Norman van der Westhuizen, was his shot in his leg and shoulder.

Triston’s aunt, Lucinda Jansen, 35, says a neighbour called to say the boy had been hit and was bleeding.

“When we took off his T-shirt, we saw all the holes under his arm, his chest, he was also hit in his face and mouth,” she says.

“He was so shaken, he went into a fit so he couldn’t be discharged from hospital

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says cases of attempted murder were opened.

“The suspect and the motive is unknown,” Van Wyk adds.

Last Tuesday, Triston’s aunt was shot in her leg while on her way from the local

And on Sunday, his cousin was shot dead in Mallot Road.

“We don’t know what the motive for his shooting was,” says Lucinda.

“There are no gangsters in our family, this is just as a result of the violence happening in the area right now.”

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