Boy, 2, electrocuted to death



November 23, 2016
Boy, 2, electrocuted to death
It's believed the toddler was playing with exposed wires.

Johannesburg — A two-year-old boy died on Wednesday, after he was electrocuted in the yard of a house. 

ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said they arrived on the scene and found provincial services performing CPR on the boy who was lying in the yard of the residence.

“ER24 paramedics immediately assisted with performing CPR and provided the patient with advanced life support interventions.
Unfortunately, after 30 minutes of CPR, no vital signs returned and he was pronounced dead on the scene,” he said.

“It is believed that the child had been playing with some exposed wires when he was electrocuted.”

He said that the relevant authorities were on the scene in Extension 17 Precast Settlement in Lenasia, southwest of Johannesburg, to investigate.

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