Boy, 10 hangs himself



November 14, 2016
Boy, 10 hangs himself

TRAGEDY: Grade 4 learner Onke Gqiza ,10

Kid takes life in yard and family can’t explain it.

Police are investigating after a 10-year-old boy was found hanged in his backyard.

The lifeless body of little Onke Gqiza was found slumped against the vibracrete wall of his home in New Crossroads shortly after 8am on Friday morning.

Relatives say they thought the Grade 4 learner had left for St Mary’s Primary School two doors down the road, and were shocked to find him dead with a rope around his neck.

The Gugulethu family says they are now battling to understand why the child would take his own life.

Onke’s uncle, Siyabonga Valana, 25, tells the Daily Voice he was at work when he received the call about the incident.

“From what I understand he was given money to go to school for casual day, he was just wearing a pair of jeans and a school shirt,” Siyabonga says.

“Before he left he was seen fiddling around the house looking for something and my granny tells me she noticed he left his money on top of the fridge.

“Shortly after this she went outside to do the laundry, our washing line is next to the vibracrete wall, and that was when she saw him.

“At first she shouted at him for standing around when he was supposed to be at school, but when his mother came out, that is when they noticed he was dead.”

He adds: “What was strange is, he was not hanging in mid-air, his feet were on the ground.

“He tied the rope several times around two nails hanging from the (next door) shack pressed up against our wall.”

According to Siyabonga, his nephew was a happy child and had no problems at school that the family knew of.

“We still don’t understand what happened here, he was such a happy child, active at school, he had friends.

“We don’t know what would drive a 10-year-old to kill himself,” the uncle says sadly.

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says a death inquest case has been opened for investigation.

“At this stage no foul play is suspected,” she says.

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