Bottoms up at Bierfest

Bottoms up at Bierfest

CHEERS: Grab a dop at the Bierfest at Newlands Brewery this weekend

Don't miss the German beer festival happening this weekend at Newlands Brewery.

Charge  your glasses because the Bierfest is back and it’s going to be better than ever.

This authentic German mega beer fest is happening at Newlands Brewery this weekend and there is a beer on the menu for all tastes.

You will be transported to Germany when you step into the 4 000-seater Bavarian brauhaus tent and there will be hunky men in lederhosen and lovely ladies in Dirndls.

The Bierfest has its own currency – non-refundable Crowns, and you’ll be able to buy food, drinks and the traditional costumes.

Crowns come in denominations of R30 and one Crown will buy you one 500ml beer.

Tickets start at R125 and the cost increases depending on the package you want to buy and where you want to enjoy your biere at the festival, in the Standard, Uber or Brauhaus Hall.

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