Boss’ red card



November 16, 2016
Boss’ red card

WALKING THE PLANK: Boss Shakes Mashaba

Safa now have coach by balls

It seems Shakes Mashaba may have talked himself out of a job.

Bafana Bafana impressed on Saturday by beating Senegal 2-1 in their 2018 World Cup qualifier.

It is not a game many expected our boys to win and the victory now puts us at the top of the qualifying group.

But all of that was overshadowed by coach Mashaba who went on a post-match tirade that was caught on TV.

On Sunday we should have woken up to read all the reaction from the glorious win.

Instead it was to the news that Mashaba has been suspended by Safa, who also confirmed in a statement that assistant Owen Da Gama would be in charge of last night’s friendly against Mozambique.

The details are still being pieced together and given our love for secrecy I doubt the full story will ever emerge.

What we do know is that Shakes simply lost it after the game and seemingly had to be talked into his post-match interview with the national broadcaster, with the presenter and Bafana’s communications guy Mathlomola Morake both trying to calm him down.

He was pointing fingers and very obviously upset, at Safa President Danny Jordaan and also refused at first to give the interview to the very same media he said had “buried” him already.

Shakes has spent as much time fighting with the media during his latest tenure as he has actually coaching the team.

In his very first press conference he came out swinging, having a go at those who called him the cheapest option for the job.

Many wrote that he should have done the honourable thing and stepped down after failing to qualify for Afcon 2017.

Jordaan himself was scathing in his comments after the 1-all draw with Mauritania labelling the team disappointing and saying this should be the end of the journey.

Shakes had just been biding his time to react it seems and what better time to do so than after orchestrating a win over Senegal.

The problem for the national coach is that if his employers were undecided about his future, his behaviour has probably made up their minds for them.

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