Bomber hit our house



November 18, 2016
Bomber hit our house

LIVING IN FEAR: Kariema Jacobs, 64

Community worker claims thugs are targeting her.

A Mitchells Plain neighbourhood watch member who has been serving her community for 20 years says she’s become a target of criminals after her house was petrol-bombed.

Karima Jacobs, 64, says the attackers also threw a beer bottle with a threatening note in her yard.

She says the bombing at her home in Pall Mall Way, Portlands, occurred on Tuesday and the note was left the next day.

Kariema says: “We joined Portlands Neighbourhood Watch in 1996, and something like this never happened before. I cannot point a finger to who it was, but this is linked to my work with the neighbourhood watch.

“Two petrol bombs were thrown at our house and only one hit the front, the other burst on the pavement.”

Captain FC van Wyk confirmed the incident.

“A case of malicious damage to property was reported. The incident occurred Tuesday morning at 1.40am,” he says.

“Allegedly the complainant was asleep when she heard a big bang and stood up, looked through the kitchen window and saw a fire burning outside.

“She then went outside and saw broken pieces of bottle lying in front of their house. The dining room window was also broken.”

Kariema says she and her husband Gasant, 65, are now living in fear.

“On Wednesday at 2.45pm, I was sitting in my house and heard a bang, it was a stone wrapped with a beer bottle with a letter inside. It was another threat and the letter said: ‘Ons kom weer’.

“I now fear being alone at home,” she says.

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