Bok’s wife blocks public after racist attacks



October 12, 2016
Bok’s wife blocks public after racist attacks

DISTASTEFUL: Rachel received nasty tweets

Rachel Kolisi has opted to reserve her social media for family and friends.

Rachel Kolisi is so disgusted by internet trolls that she’s now decided to make her social media accounts private.

The decision comes after the wife of Springbok rugby star Siya Kolisi this week broke her silence about being victimised by racists on Facebook and Twitter.

After sharing some of the abusive posts on Friday, the blonde beauty on Sunday revealed she’s going private.

“Due to recent events, I will be keeping my social media private and for friends and family only,” she announced on Instagram.

Rachel says she’s been a victim of racist slurs from both whites and blacks who have a problem with her marrying a black man.

She married Siya in August after four years together.

The couple has a son called Nicholas, and Rachel is also helping Siya raise his young brother and sister, whom he adopted.

Rachel says she’s been called a “white ho”, a “dumb blonde”, and her son a half breed.

On Friday she shared Facebook messages from one Charles Hermon, who had a profile picture of a black man.

Hermon told her among others: “F*** your own kind. White trash loving big nigger d***. Guess the white men cannot please ur ugly * ****. So * need a big black c***. [sic]”

Strand resident Johan Pretorius also told her: “Looks like every kwota player these days has his dum blonde.[sic]”

While most people reacted with shock and outrage at the racist messages, Rachel told the Daily Voice she will not spend her time worrying about other people’s opinions.

“I fell in love with my best friend, and then I married him. We have the same struggles as every other married couple do. The worst thing about it is I feel very sorry for those people that look at mixed race relationships negatively,” she says.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just strongly believe some people need to learn to keep their opinions to themselves.

“Social media platforms make it extremely accessible for ‘trolls’ to have their say. I just don’t believe we need to be silent about it.

“People care so much, the amount of love I have received the past few days from complete strangers is pretty overwhelming and amazing. As long as we continue moving forward we will be just fine.”

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