Boks and Bafana lacking passion

Boks and Bafana lacking passion


The darker days of Springbok and Bafana Bafana.

On these ball-ache international breaks, looking forward to the weekend ain’t half as good.

In fact, I find myself pondering stuff like, uuumh, maybe I should re-do the fish pond, build a carport or make a fancy trifle.

I get really bored. Yeah, I do all the regular stuff, you know, spend time with the Mrs, mess about with the kids, have a Sunday braai, but it’s the in-between time isn’t it?

So this weekend I decided to focus on two football matches and the Springboks v All Blacks for a bit of sporting relief. I should have just stuck to the trifle.

To be honest, in the first half of the Bok game, I was thinking, man, I haven’t seen the boys play like this for a long time, but what happened in the second half was disturbing and embarrassing.

Anyway, at least Bafana had a relatively easy fixture!

Well, that should be the feeling given the players,

facilities, investment, coaching staff, compared to the West African side.

But we were more than lucky to come away with a point, given two missed penalties and an Itumeleng Khune masterclass in goalkeeping.

How embarrassing can it get? An African superpower in football and a world superpower in rugby struggling like that?

The same can be said for England and the bunch of w***ers who just seem to get together every now and again for a kick about at Wembley like it’s a Sunday in the park.

FFS, they were playing Malta! OK, got a 2-0 result, but they looked k@k.

OK, the Sam Allardyce debacle is still fresh and Gareth Southgate is a w***er.

But the side is jam-packed with great footballers… just no guts, passion or proper understanding.

I realised something again when I watched New Zealand doing the Haka – quite a tame Haka as Hakas go.

But as always I felt that incredible togetherness, that team dynamic.

I mean for god’s sake, even the white guys are channelling ancient Maori spirits, spitting venom, tongue’s angrily protruding across their cheeks.

And they mean it. This ain’t some bulls*** tradition, it’s part and parcel of how they’ve been bred in the game.

Then I look at our rugby team, with a Zulu warrior prancing up and down the pitch. Come on, let’s be fair, do our Afrikaans contingent identify with that, or any non-Zulu players for that matter?

The same applies to England.

Long gone are the days that singing praise to the queen is gonna produce the type of performance so sorely missed.

As for Bafana, I’m lost for words. It just ain’t getting any better, feels like no one really gives a s***.

Not the players, nor the administrators.

Thank god the Premier League is back next week.

Mind you, I nearly lost it during Chelsea’s outing at the Emirates a couple of weeks ago. Man, why do we all take sport so seriously?

Anyway, couple of big games to look out for…The Blues host Leicester on Saturday, Everton are at Manchester City.

And of course, it’s the Big Cape Town derby on Monday night – Liverpool v Manchester United. Predictions chaps?

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