Bokke, speak up

Bokke, speak up

HEARTBREAKING TRAGEDY: Springboks are walking dead.

Players like Vermeulen right to crit SA rugby

I hope by the end of the month everyone involved in SA Rugby and the Springboks have spoeled their bekke uit.

The Saru Indaba has to be the intervention we have all been waiting for.

Coaches must be there sharing knowledge.

Administrators have to listen. And players need to talk. And they are doing it already.

It was a shocking, but necessary too that Springboks Duane Vermeulen and Juan Smith criticised the status quo in the Bok team and South African rugby at large.

Usually, breaking ranks would have been taken as a sign of weakness and sour grapes.

This time, however, it can only be helpful.

Now is the time for everyone to stand up and say their piece.

And the players are where you should start.

They are the ones who make things happen on the pitch, they put their bodies on the line, they put the bums in seats and the Bok rises and falls with their performances.

The game needs to be built from the ground up. The players need to be happy and taught the skills that they need to compete.

They are the ones who know what they lack. They are ones who know what they are capable of. Once they have had their say, that’s where the coaches come in.

The mentors must learn how to teach the skills to the
players. And this is not supposed to happen once they get into the Bok team.

Allister Coeztee, Mzwandile Stick and Chean Roux can do niks if the players are not catching passes.

But what they can do is try to get the best out of the players they pick.

They do, however, rely
heavily on how these players are coached.

And all across South Africa are different schools of how rugby should be played.

We all know the tired story of how the Bok game is built on physicality. But long gone are the days when the Bokke could bully the opposition.

We are in the modern age of professional rugby. Everyone is a spier tier, conditioned to play an intense 80 minutes.

The Boks need to play catch-up now and, like Vermeulen is stressing, need to play a uniform game.

So administrators, listen to the players and do the right thing for SA rugby.

Maybe when players feel that they are improving their game, then they won’t be moving to Europe all the time.

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