Bok to the drawing board



September 22, 2016
Bok to the drawing board

UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: Bok coach Allister Coetzee

rugby indaba to tackle crisis

The South African Rugby Union deserves kudos for “admitting” that the current state of rugby in the country equals a crisis.

Their admission comes in the form of the scheduled 
indaba that will place with all the experts and coaches in the country at a three-day October 19-21 gathering in Cape Town.

This “sharing of ideas” won’t change our rugby in an instant.

Instead, what they should seek is the identity of our rugby, which is a bag of Liquorice Allsorts at the moment.

The brand establishment is key to what we aim to do going 

From there, they need to plot the way forward and this is where tactical, fitness and skills experts need to give some valuable input.

That’s not to say all the coaches in the country will have to stick to the same game plan, but it will allow players, and coaches, the proper knowledge of what it is that is needed to get to the top.

Diversity will always play a key role in how this country approaches the game and identifying trends in the global game will also have to be discussed at the indaba.

It makes sense to have a 
collective approach in getting the national team back to the top and successfully challenging the world champions New Zealand.

One thing is certain, though, it won’t be an overnight process .

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