Boity gets cop blocked

Boity gets cop blocked

POLICE SIREN: Boity Thulo, 26. CREDIT: Sourced

Beauty’s run-in with police fans.

When Boity Thulo was recently stopped by the cops, she thought she was in deep trouble fo’ sho’.

But it appears the randy cops were just big fans who wanted to say hello to their favourite celebrity.

The sexy 26-year-old TV presenter fired off a few tweets on Tuesday to talk about her unexpected run-in with the law.

Fans can rest easy, though, beautiful Boity wasn’t arrested, or even fined, the cops just wanted to say “Hello”.

She tweeted: “So I got followed and pulled over by cops just now. I pull over only for the one traffic cop to say “Mfana, nguye! Heita Sis B”…TF?!”

Boity adds: “I thought there was something wrong with my car. Only to find out that I was stopped for a ‘Hello’.”

Twitter follower @Waltersonboy replied: “@Boity Lucky you Sis B, I get pulled over to be told I have an attitude because I don’t want to “talk” enjoy your day.”

Another fan @Bugzybunz tweets: “@Boity They love uSis Boity, just embrace all the luv….Hell a lot of people would same (“,)”

It appears luck and love has been on Boity’s side this month.

She bought her first home and shared the good news on Twitter, along with pictures of her outside the larney property.

The TV presenter was also rumoured to be in a relationship with photographer and social media guru Anele Papu, after the two cosied up in pictures posted on social media.

Boity is yet to rek her bek about Anele.

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