Boewe smash in fence



September 19, 2016
Boewe smash in fence

DAMAGED: Resident's Honda Ballade

A high-speed chase between cops and skelms ended in someone's front yard.

A family in Bonteheuwel got the fright of their lives just after 6am yesterday when alleged kar diewe crashed through their fence and into a tree next door.

Mogamat Davids, 46, who lives on the corner of Boekenhout Street says it’s the third time someone has crashed through their vibacrete fence.

“We woke up hearing the cars coming down Bonteheuwel Avenue and then we heard the crash. Our car and our son’s car is parked in the front of the house. The slabs went flying and fell on his car, a Honda Ballade. He just had his new rims put on Saturday,” says an outraged Davids.

Mogamat, who was having a braai between the rubble yesterday, added his neighbours were in for a shock.

“They are away for the weekend and will only see this when they return,” he added.

Metro Police’s Yolanda Faro says metro police officers went after the vehicle in Bonteheuwel Avenue after they noticed it had two different number plates.

“The vehicle had five occupants. After giving chase, the suspects crashed into a wall in Boekenhout Street. Metro Police officers apprehended two of five suspects. Upon inspection it was found that the motor vehicle was stolen in Manenberg,” said Faro.

“The matter is investigated by SAPS.”

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