Bloody vegans’ meat protest



October 31, 2016
Bloody vegans’ meat protest

269 LIfe green group's protest display in Kraaifontein. CREDIT: Solly Lottering

Gruesome anti-meat protest at butchery.

People thought Halloween came early when they spotted this bloody “zombie”, and several human body parts for sale, on the street.

The blood-soaked hands and feet, sealed in plastic bags, were displayed for sale opposite Hoctor’s Meat and a fisheries in Brighton Road in Kraaifontein on Saturday.

One human hand was “selling” for R39.95 a kilo, while “freshly slaughtered human” was also on sale.

But the “dead” woman had a far scarier message than the annual American holiday, which is celebrated today.

Passersby were told “meat is murder”, and urged to give up their braai tjoppies for the sake of the planet.

Hoctor’s Meat had nothing to do with the macabre display, which was staged by green group, 269 Life.

The group of six vegans had an “educational demonstration” and handed out leaflets to mense, encouraging them to become vegans.

The group’s spokesman JC Thomet said that they are against animal abuse.

“We did a study which shows that most people die due to meat consumption,” he claims.

“Meat rots the body from the inside out, causing all sorts of illness.”

He said humans do not need meat to survive, and that the meat industry is harming the planet.

“To produce one hamburger uses two months worth of shower water,” he claims.

“It takes 950 litres of water to produce just one litre of milk, while six million animals are slaughtered every hour to feed the human population.”

“We should decrease meat consumption and save our planet.”

But some mense were not impressed with the group’s shock tactics, and the two groups almost came to blows.

One Hoctor’s client told Thomet: “This is not the place to do this, we know you are trying to provoke us.”

Another woman told him: “I will never become a vegetarian, see how you guys look from eating leaves, thin and pale. I will never give up my vark tjoppie for plants.”

Nadia October, of Kraaifontein, who works at the fisheries, says she and her friend Shann September “het ons vrek geskrik” when they saw the bloody display.

“The woman with all that blood shocked us, it all looked so real,” she says.

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