#BlackFriday for economy



November 25, 2016
#BlackFriday for economy

LUXURY: Mense dont have cash to splash on Black Friday sales

Minimum wage is up, fat cats take cuts, jobs scarce

So it’s “Black Friday” today.

If you’re fortunate enough to have fixed employment, you’re probably out there shopping with the mad rush of mense, taking advantage of all the sales, discounts and special offers.

It’s mos Christmas in exactly a month’s time, so best to get out there and stock up on your goodies, gifts and XYZ now already.

Munier’s advice? Spend wisely and make that money stretch.

Ja, it’s tough times and money’s too tight to mention.

If you’re one of those people who still gets a 13th cheque, you’re one of the lucky few. Enjoy.

Speaking of bonuses, Munier was surprised by two pieces of news this week.

First, the proposal that the national minimum wage be raised to R3 500 a month for full-time employees.

In other words, R20 per hour, or R800 per week.

If passed into law, the new wage will come into effect in July next year, and employers have up to two years to make sure their payrolls are in line with these rules – or else.

Now, R3 500 in this day and age is maar min, in fact, you could blow that in one Christmas shopping weekend.

But for the poorest of the poor, it’s the difference between living in poverty and survival.

Currently, 30 million South Africans live below the poverty line of R1 036 a month.

So as little as it is, a little means a lot to the people who need it most.

Well done.

Then, Munier must also give a bietjie credit to government for freezing the salaries of high-ranking politicians.

The Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office-Bearers said the weak economy meant increases were not possible and public servants should view the zero increase as a “patriotric sacrifice”.

The pay cuts extend across the board – from the president to his national executive, national parliament, provincial executive and provincial legislature.

What this means is mayors, including Patricia de Lille, would continue to earn R1.24 million for 2017.

And President Jacob Zuma will have to be content with his R2.87m a year.

Again, not a major move, but a step in the direction.

Can you imagine the hell the #FeesMustFall students would have raised if the fat cats gave themselves more cream?

Ja ne, the pressure is on. Good! Now if government would only re-look the pension grant.

Because if R1 036 is the official poverty line, then a R1 500 grant means millions of people over 60 are practically living in poverty.

Seriously, how do you live on R1 500 a month?

Meanwhile, in other bad news, unemployment in South Africa rose to a record 27.1 percent high in the third quarter of this year.

The manufacturing sector, followed by the government sector, shed the most jobs with 91 000 and 83 000, respectively.

Employment also dropped in the agriculture (16 000), utilities (9 000), mining (8 000) and trade (2 000) sectors.

The experts blame slow economic growth, the rising cost of fuel and electricity, and big business stifling small business.

Eish, what now government?

Munier is really sorry to put the black in “Black Friday”.

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