Black vs blue battle



September 5, 2016
Black vs blue battle

DISSATISFIED: Gasant Abrahams shows his polish. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Consumer and manufacturer in dispute after shoe polish turns man's black shoes blue.

A shoe polish manufacturer has hit back at a security guard who claimed their black polish turned his boots blue.

Gasant Abrahams, 52, from Pelican Park, claimed the black Lion shoe polish turned his black canvas boots blue.

Abrahams said he contacted the company for a month to get them to replace his ruined boots, to no avail.

The Lion Match Company’s secretary, Tim Nourse, says the polish has a blue tinge to enhance the black leather shoes “it was meant for”.

He says they’ve been in contact with Abrahams, and have replaced the product, and compensated him with R100 as well.

According to Nourse, staff members have been traumatised by a “very rude” Abrahams who allegedly swore at them.

“The analysis was done at our company laboratory and the findings were that the said tin met all standards when applied to leather. It did not turn blue. This was telephonically communicated to Mr Abrahams. Our product does have a tinge of blue giving black leather a cleaner and better look.

“In the light of the above, it is clear that Mr Abrahams was trying to extort money from the company with his threats which is totally unacceptable.”

Abrahams says someone called him on Friday to say they were “working on a solution 
following his complaint”.

“Never has black shoe polish been blue, it makes no sense at all,” he says.

“I do not want their money, they must just do right by me. I even told them they can give half the money for a new pair of boots and I will come up with the rest. The boots cost just over R300, it is not too much to ask.”

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