Biebs rents duur mansion in UK

Biebs rents duur mansion in UK

RENT: Mansion in North London

The 22-year old star is renting a country estate for R22m a year.

JUSTIN Bieber is giving up the Hollywood party scene for a larney country estate lifestyle in the UK.

The Canadian pop star is renting a 15-bedroom property in the exclusive North London Road – for £108,333 a month (nearly R2m), or almost £1.3million (R22m) a year.

The 22-year-old singer plans to divide his time between his home in Los Angeles and the UK mansion.

The neighbourhood, with its sprawling mansions set in immaculate gardens, is home to ou ballie tycoons, foreign diplomats and members of the aristocracy.

How the Bieb and his crew will fit in is anybody’s guess.

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