Beware of Wendy house con



November 24, 2016
Beware of Wendy house con

FELL PREY: Manenberg man conned of R1800 by fraudster

Boland skelm now targets mense on the Cape Flats

The Wendy house conman, who’s been scamming people in Boland, has now made his way to the Cape Flats.

A Manenberg resident desperate to have his own home was conned out of R1 800 when he fell prey to the Wendy house scamster.

The conman, who calls himself Kobus Engelbrecht, has been distributing pamphlets to Manenberg houses.

The latest victim, who only wants to be known as Pokkel, says he thought everything was credible after he researched the company Kobus claimed he worked for.

“After we spoke, I Googled everything to see if it’s legit. The company Classic Home Improvements, which he said he was an agent for, was legit and so were the addresses he gave me,” says Pokkel.

“I thought the deposit of R1 800 was cheap and I’ve been meaning to get out of my mother’s overcrowded house and start a home with my girlfriend and two children. I was told to deposit the money by PEP which I did in this week.”

But he got suspicious when Kobus’ price increased.

“The arrangement was as soon as the deposit is paid in, he [Kobus] and his men would come and put up the Wendy house and I can move in. But when I called and he said there was a misprint on the pamphlet and I must pay another R1000, I smelled a rat. I said yes he can come collect it cash. Hy kom nou nog, sy phones is af. Ek’s omgekrap. As ek hom kry is hy soe goed soos dood, daai geld kom mos nie met ‘n smile nie,” he says.

Natasha Boukers, co-owner of Classic Home Improvements, says: “I am angered that he keeps on implicating our company. He has never been employed here and we would never do this to the community.”

“He first used to target areas like Saldanha, Worcester, Vredenburg and more towns on the outskirts of the Cape.”

The Daily Voice tried contacting Kobus but there was no answer.

Last month, the Daily Voice exposed the scam when a Worcester dad was duped out of R1000.

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