Bergie helpers beaten



October 20, 2016
Bergie helpers beaten

UPSET: Aswad Reid and Ashwin Goliath. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Two young men were arrested after they allegedly tried to help a homeless man who was being assaulted by cops.

The son of a military sergeant and his cousin claim they were assaulted and arrested by cops when they intervened during the alleged abuse of a bergie.

Fitness and health student, Aswad Reid, 21, and his cousin Ashwin Goliath, 22, were walking down Station Road, Wynberg, on Sunday at 11am when they say they witnessed two cops kicking a homeless man.

But the young men say when they passed remarks, cops became abusive and began attacking them.

The men were arrested by cops on charges of assault, interfering with police and impersonating a military officer because police alleged they told them they live on a military base.

The pair have since opened a counter case of assault against police.

The duo made their first appearance at the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court on Monday after they were released on a warning on Sunday and are expected to be back in court on November 10.

Aswad was left with bruises to the neck after being choked.

Ashwin explains how the drama unfolded: “We were walking down Station Road when we saw two police officers searching a man, and when this bergie walked past, they began kicking him.

“I told them you cannot do that.

“Then he started pulling me and when my cousin tried to stop them, they smacked him.

“The bergie was also swearing at them and then walked away.”

Aswad claims the cops also choked him and then arrested him: “I kept asking why they were arresting us and that we did nothing and that we lived on the military base.”

He also says they threatened them and even consulted with military staff to find out if they were officials.

“They took us to the railway police in Retreat and to the base and to Wynberg Police Station where they said they will let us lay with the 28s.”

“We are not criminals, we live on the base and we never said we are officials and they think they can take away our rights and leave us with criminal records.”

Constable Noloyiso Rwexana confirms cops are investigating two cases of assault.

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