‘Bergie bashing’ councillor says sorry



November 28, 2016
‘Bergie bashing’ councillor says sorry

SLAMMED: Ward 54 Councillor Shayne Ramsay

Sea Point councillor takes back comments after being slammed for being 'racist and insensitive'.

A City of Cape Town ward councillor has apologised for calling on residents to help her get rid of
bergies in the larney area.

Councillor Shayne Ramsay, of Ward 54 in Sea Point, has apparently become gatvol of homeless people scratching in her vullisdrom for food.

In a Facebook rant over the weekend, she wrote: “… vagrants are also people. But if they choose to live in a society like Sea Point, then they have to behave in a manner which is acceptable to the other residents.

“Furthermore, our garbage bins are treated as buffet tables. Please don’t put your bins out at night before collection.”

She said while cops couldn’t control vagrants, councillors could change city by-laws.

“So my next task is to review ‘the Streets and Public Places’ by-law and make a recommendation to council to tighten up the laws where appropriate.”

A protest march was planned for December 6.

Councillor Shayne Ramsay’s Facebook post which she has since deleted. CREDIT: Facebook

The post was shared on Twitter as well, where people slammed Ramsay, calling her racist and insensitive.

Jeanine Cameron tweeted: “You suck, you just got busted for being racist.”

Soon after that, Ramsay deleted her post and apologised.

Speaking to Daily Voice on Sunday, a tearful Ramsay said: “(The march) has been completely cancelled, I issued a statement apologising and retracting what I said.”

But Facebook user Ashraf Booley was
having none of it.

“This is what you call an apology? Voetsek!” he wrote.

Street people in Sea Point were min gespin on Sunday and wheelchair-bound Esau Abrahams, 31, said the beachfront did not belong to Ramsay.

His friend Melikhaya Ngqeleka, 23, adds: “We do not add to the crime like breaking into cars, we are just looking for a meal to eat.”

A Sea Point resident, who asked not to be identified, says he is with Ramsay: “She’s trying to protect the privilege here.”

City of Cape Town spokesperson, Priya Reddy, said Ramsay made the comments in her personal capacity.

“This was on the Councillor’s personal social media page. It was not City communication.”

But ANC City councillor Tony Ehrenreich called on the Democratic Alliance-run City to fire Ramsay.

“Her statement is standard policy of the DA to criminalise poor people,” he said.

“She is unfit for that position.

“The public protector should be called in, she is a public figure, there is no personal space.”

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