Beasts on track — pics



November 13, 2016
Beasts on track — pics

BUGS LIFE: This VW Beetle underwent some serious modifications. CREDIT: Shahiem Bell

Killarney motor show a hit .

Game parks are way better entertainment value than zoos. We realise that’s an odd way to begin a motoring column but, bear with us, you’ll see the relevance imminently.

You see, the best thing about the Killarney Motor Show last weekend is that it happened on the track. All those beasts were out in their natural environment, the track or game park in our analogy, and not in some hall on a rotating stand (the zoo).

When hundreds of powerful cars are out on the track, it just makes it that much more real, enticing and gesellig.

Thousands flocked to Killarney last Sunday for a show we’d all been waiting for, the Killarney Motor Show 2016.

Shaiem Bell of TPDZ media says: “The concept of a motor show at Killarney has been on the tongues of many promoters for some time now and I’m glad it finally materialised.

“It was surely a sweet dream come true for car enthusiasts of all ages. Precious metals on display from all genres of motorsport as well as car dealerships providing test drives of daily commuters.”

The professionally run show, it has been said, had a little bit of everything. From the manufacturers who were there, flying their colours in the light south-easter, to the Stance trendoids and modheads.

American muscle was amply represented in the pit lane, including restored ‘50s and ‘60s pickups. Mustangs, Camaros and Fairlanes are a mainstay of the motoring investor.

To mention a display or two, the Jaguar Club zone housed a rare display of big cats, including an original 1936 SS100 – the first car to bear the Jaguar name – plus a couple of E-Types. Mercedes-Benz brought models covering almost 80 years of production genius, a gaggle of Alfa Romeos and a handful of gorgeous Triumphs from the TR4 to the TR7 drew the crowds.

There was a brand new Aston Martin DB11 and McLaren 650S for punters to unashamedly drool over.

The pits and their paddock were invaded by the two-wheelers, with new models on show from Triumph, Kawasaki, Indian and Royal Enfield, as well as kwaai customs from Wrench Monkey and Cave Kustoms, among others.

Then the Stance crews and Show ‘* Shiners brought out their best for the day. Bobby spoke to Stance judge Yaeesh Mohamed after the tightly contested competition.

Yaeesh says: “The show was off the hook. Thousands of people, and so many stayed right up to closing time, which is unusual for a car show. We did have Ready D on the decks so that helped a lot. Great music, great machines, great show.

“Every corner and garage had something going on in it, and guys are saying it was the best show ever.”

Bobby asked how the Stance competition went. Yaeesh says: “It was difficult to judge but we had a good team, they all had knowledge and have been involved in creating Stance vehicles for years. The quality of entrants was high, in fact, one of the judges said that this was the show that separated the show cars from the park-off cars.”

And there was superb entertainment. The daring La Riche brothers did some fearsome stunts on their trail bikes, pulling off some seemingly impossible stunts and wowing the crowd.

Shahiem adds: “The hype leading up to the event wasn’t as flamboyant as it could have been, but the event itself definitely trumped the lack of advertising.

“Among the motoring displays, one could chat to many different vendors about their products and purchase them right there. The event truly touched on all aspects I could think of.

“Competition was also great between the custom builders, entering into their class categories. On the whole, the general atmosphere on the day was very relaxing and family orientated. I know many are definitely going to look forward to the next one.”

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