Bad neighbours



November 24, 2016
Bad neighbours

FACING EVICTION: The Nairs have been warned about activities. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Heideveld mense gatvol of house of ‘gangsters, drugs’.

The mense in Cockscomb Road in Heideveld say they’re gatvol of the suspected gangsters that have taken over the street.

Long-time resident Gail Nell, 53, says she is always on the alert and can’t rest easy since her neighbours moved in 10 years ago.

Gail has been living in Heideveld since 1964 when she was three years old and her parents took over the property.

The council house next door to Gail is apparently home to 30 people and she claims it’s been turned into a gang and drug den, with people coming and going at the property day and night.

“You must see, if you stand here long enough, you will see the people coming in and out of the house. So I do know that they are selling drugs, they are selling selling tik and buttons,” claims Gail.

She says her property has been damaged several times as well as cars parked on her property.

Jacqueline Nair lives next door to Gail and denies the claims she’s operating a drug den and a safe haven for gangsters.

Nair says because her son went to school and played soccer with Westsiders and Funky gang members, residents now accuse him of being a gang member.

“My son gets locked up on a weekly basis for shootings that didn’t even happen in Heideveld. He used to play soccer with guys that are now gangsters but he isn’t part of any gangs.”

In June, the City of Cape Town issued the Nair family with an eviction notice, ordering the family out of the house.

The notice was overturned when the family pleaded for a second chance.

Gail says since the grandmother of the family passed away, the house has gone to ruins.

Nair confirmed that she did receive an eviction notice earlier this year, but won’t be moved.

But Gail says she’s fed up: “This impacts on my social life. I can’t even invite my family over on weekends. We can’t have a Christmas dinner here with my whole family because it’s too dangerous to have them over.”

The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, Councillor Benedicta van Minnen, says she’s aware of the situation and action is being taken against the owner.

“A notice was issued for all occupants to vacate due to anti-social behaviour and illegal activities at these premises. The matter will now be referred to the Legal Services Department to implement legal action to secure an eviction,” says Van Minnen.

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