‘Back to normal’



December 1, 2016
‘Back to normal’

WORKING ON IT: Metrorail service still limited

A limited train service will continue with minimal delays.

Cape Town commuters can breathe a little easier — Metrorail says services will return to normal “in the next few days”.

Commuters struggled for a fourth day on Wednesday as they battled to travel to and from work, after vandals stole 500 signal cables from the rail agency over the weekend.

While the train stations stood empty, bus and taxi services bore the brunt as thousands of train commuters sought alternative transport.

Highways into the City were also jam-packed, with large volumes of cars still streaming in by 11am.

Metrorail stressed that the problem of the stolen signal cables is being sorted out over the next few days, but that train carriages destroyed in arson attacks eight months ago will take much longer to replace.

Metrorail’s Riana Scott says: “Commuters can look forward to services going back to normal in the next few days.”

Metrorail Regional Manager Richard Walker thanked commuters for their patience and understanding: “We also and especially want to thank our commuting public for the messages of support that were sent to us. This motivated our employees to know that their commitment was appreciated.

“The real heroes behind the scenes are the Metrorail and Transnet teams that worked rotational shifts 24/7 the past five days in wind and heat.

“These are men and women that prioritised their urgent work over families and other commitments to work tirelessly to improve the service each day.

“It is painstaking and intricate work to ensure that services continued under safe conditions,” Walker concluded.

A limited train service will continue, where delays of up to an hour can be expected.

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