Baby given 6 months to live



October 14, 2016
Baby given 6 months to live

PRAYING FOR MIRACLES: Mother Nashrullah Leonard, 34, and sickly Jehaan Jansen, 2, CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi

Family believe tot can survive her multiple illnesses.

This two-year-old has had more near-death experiences than birthdays.

Little Jehaan Jansen has more illnesses than her parents can count, including Sturge Weber Syndrome (SWS), Rickets and Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome.

In June, her parents were told the tiny little girl has only six months to live, but they firmly believe Jehaan will prove doctors wrong like she’s been doing since birth.

SWS and Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome are skin disorders characterised by a port-wine stain or birthmark on the face.

While Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome is associated with overgrowth of bones and soft tissue beginning in infancy.

Jehaan’s one leg is bigger than the other, while she’s also losing her eyesight.

Her mom Nashrullah Leonard, 34, says her child has the mental capacity of a nine-month-old baby, and also suffers from epilepsy, anaemia, osteoporosis and glaucoma.

Speaking to the Daily Voice from their rented Belhar Wendy house, Nashrullah says doctors gave her daughter six months to live.

“We’re in month four now but I know she will prove them wrong,” the mom says defiantly.

“She has done it before. They said my child will never be able to sit on her own but she can sit now.

“She has too many illnesses and not even the doctors know how to treat her but she is here for a reason.

“She is here to teach all of us through her life.”

Father Tashreeq Jansen, 43, says they even have to watch Jehaan when she sleeps.

“She usually gets her seizures while she is sleeping,” he says.

“Even the sun can cause her to go into a fit but she needs the sun because it gives her vitamin D and her immune system is weak.”

“The older she gets, the more illnesses she has,” he adds.

Tygerberg Hospital spokeswoman Leticia Pienaar, confirms all Jehaan’s illnesses.

“Jehaan has severe disease manifestations which limit her life expectancy,” she says.

“MRI scans of her brain showed blood vessel abnormalities over a large area of her brain.

“This has resulted in severe developmental delay, paralysis of the one side of her body and epilepsy.”

Tashreeq says they never thought Jehaan would smile again after she was hospitalised in December.

“It took her two months to smile again, it’s like she forgot how to smile. My desire is that my child will grow up to have a full life,” he adds.

The unemployed dad is desperately trying to find a job.

The family is dependent on social grants for their three children.

* Anyone who would like to assist the family can call 084 356 2635.

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