Baby boom



October 14, 2016
Baby boom

Gillian Jackson with her triplet daughters. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Full house as mother of two gives birth to triplets.

It’s been a baby boom for this 24-year-old mom who already had two small children when she gave birth to triplets seven weeks ago.

Gillian Jackson of Lavender Hill has a five-year-old daughter, Chelsea, and when her son, Cole, turned a year old, she learnt she was pregnant with triplets.

The latest additions to the family are named Kendra, Karly and Kaira, and were born on August 18 via Cesarean section, a month before their due date.

Surprisingly the babies came in at a healthy 2.1 , 2.3, and 2.4 kilograms respectively.

And while Gillian is still in a bit of a shock, her ecstatic mom Denise Zeeman was in die wolke.

In addition to the triplets, she also became ouma to four-month-old Raydan and Zaidan – from her two other daughters – who are only a few days apart.

Denise brags that she’s now the proud ouma of 11 grandkids.

Eleven people, of whom five are babies, now live in their two-bedroom council flat.

It’s been an eventful few months for Gillian, who also married the triplets’ father, Elton Jackson, 31, two months ago.

The young mom says she had mixed emotions when she learnt she was pregnant again, and then the big shock when doctors at Victoria Hospital confirmed that she was expecting not one but three babies.

“I didn’t want to believe it and went for a second opinion,” says Gillian.

“It was overwhelming, scary and exciting at the same time.”

THREE’S COMPANY: Gillian takes care of Kendra, Karly and Kaira.  CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Denise helps her three daughters with the morning routine and is up at 5am already.

“When I turned 50, all my friends asked me when am I going to be a grandmother,” she says.

“Now I have 11, and soema five new grandchildren in one year. My hands need to be everywhere!” she laughs.

Gillian is the first in her family to have a multiple pregnancy.

“I had to give up my job as a shop assistant because this is a 24-hour job, at night my husband and I take turns,” she says.

“Even when I bathe them it’s amazing because each one only wakes up when it is their turn.”

The mom is a well-known sight in Lavender Hill, pushing the triplets in their R8 000 pram, which one casual observer has described as a “Golden Arrow pram”.

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