‘Baby basher’ cop to stay in jail



September 15, 2016
‘Baby basher’ cop to stay in jail

ARRESTED: Constable with the Flying Squad Unit was taken into custody.

The flying squad officer, who allegedly tried to kill his ex's baby, had a court order against him.

A shocked court heard the cop who allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend and her 10-month-old baby did so while there was a protection order against him.

Yesterday the 36-year-old appeared at the Blue Downs Magistrates’ Court on charges of attempted murder.

He allegedly bashed the baby against the pavement at his ex-lover’s home in Fountainhead Village when he found out the child was not his.

The constable, stationed with the Flying Squad Unit, cannot be identified in the media after an application by his lawyer, Zamani Gcilishe.

Magistrate Vincent Ketye granted the application, which also applies to the victims.

Dressed casually in blue jeans, a grey top and black jacket, the accused limped into court.

Gcilishe said the community assaulted his client before his arrest on Sunday.

“The accused has bruises on his right cheek, left wrist, right elbow, both of his legs are painful and his left shoulder blade also has bruises,” the lawyer explained.

“He says he requested the station commander to take him to the doctor but they did not, they only took him on Tuesday evening.”

State Prosecutor Nathan Adriaanse said they would be opposing bail.

“There is a protection order in place stating he not be anywhere near the complainants, so he violated that.

“The State is of the view that if he was not able to abide by the court order, he won’t abide by any bail condition.”

The case was postponed to October 4.

The accused will be kept in the hospital section of Pollsmoor Prison for treatment.

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