Avoid shortcut at Mitchells Plain mall



May 27, 2016
Avoid shortcut at Mitchells Plain mall

FILMED: Robbers stalk the railway tracks.

Cops have footage of a band of robbers attacking mense.

Cops are warning the public from taking a shortcut across a railway track opposite a Mitchells Plain mall where a gang has been robbing mense.

Major General Gregory Goss, the Mitchells Plain Police Station Cluster Commander, says his station was contacted this week about a spate of robberies and knife attacks occurring at the train tracks along the Liberty Promenade Mall.

Goss was contacted by mall management and asked to view their CCTV footage in an effort to identify the robbers.

The footage clearly shows suspected thieves attacking and robbing mense with weapons along the tracks between April 5 and May 18 this year.

A total of eight incidents were captured.

“I saw the video footage and police intelligence is that these are various gang members who are robbing and attacking people,” he says.

“I want to warn people from using that tracks because it is illegal to cross it and people are being targeted there .”

Goss says it was the responsibility of railway authorities to look after the fencing next to the tracks.

If you recognise these alleged robbers, please contact police on 08600 1011.

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