Atlantis gang terror



September 28, 2016
Atlantis gang terror

KILLED: Rezaa Noble, 22

A young man was shot dead 'when thugs couldn't find his cousin'.

Atlantis residents are living in fear after gangsters turned the seaside town into a “war zone” after a young man was gunned down on Monday night.

Residents in the Robinvale area are too bang to leave their homes as a “full-scale war is spiralling out of control” between the G-Units, Americans and 28s gangs.

The three gangs’ “territories” are often only separated by a street, resulting in shootouts “almost on an hourly basis”, say residents, who asked not be named.

On Monday, Rezaa Noble, 22, who residents say was not a skollie, was shot and killed in Myna Avenue by gangsters who were apparently looking for his cousin but could not find him.

Captain FC van Wyk confirmed the shooting.

“Circumstances surrounding a shooting incident Monday night at about 9.30pm in Myna Avenue, Robinvale, Atlantis, whereby a 22-year-old man was fatally wounded is under investigation. A murder case was opened for investigation, no arrest as yet and the investigation continues,” Van Wyk said.

One scared Robinvale resident said the gangsters don’t care who they shoot.

“We cannot even go to the shop to buy bread because dit reen net bullets,” the person says.

Dit gaan lelik hier, ons fear vir ons lewe.”

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